Friday, June 17, 2011

My Backyard Which Happens To Be In Brooklyn

is the spot to go cry your eyes out

the spot to go puff puff pass out 

the spot to go kiss kiss breathe out

and you don't have to be cool 
and you don't have to sport
sweatshirts that stitch
your 'hood's names on their hoods
'cause while all the hipsters are staying up late
dripping money out their nose on their french bistro plates
flicking cigarettes on sidewalks on my block's corners
my backyard which happens to be in brooklyn
is dripping words from real mourners
and real mourners don't go to brooklyn
they come back to brooklyn
and they leave brooklyn
and they come back to brooklyn
but they definitely don't need to go to brooklyn
'cause you don't go where you're from
plus i'm sick of these cool kids
buying veggies at Met
and setting up stoop sales to help pay their rent
Where the slope starts to slope and the cobble stone ends
the gardens, the heights, and the hook don't pretend
to know which kids have seen it all change
So go write your novel, your blog, and your checks
While your girlfriend buys jeans and your boyfriend new kicks
I'll be in my backyard, which happens to be in brooklyn,
crying my eyes out and 
puff puff and passing out and 
kiss kiss and breathing out
until it's really time to move out.


  1. if it's hipster free i'll be there, i'm a genuine brooklyn hip-pie :)

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