Tuesday, June 21, 2011


i found hot yoga off route 116 yesterday

thirteen dollars for the first class

the next six free

dollar for your towel, dollar for your bottle of water

mat free

the room was set to a hundred degrees 

while the walls were painted the color of fire 

and the carpet felt like the pediatrician's office

there were maybe eight of us

all watching him

the guy at the desk who signed me in

and during one of our "savasanas" 

he told a nice little story 

about starfish and the changing of the tides and how

some woman he met on the beach was able to bestow some sort of truth upon his grappling mind and now





he wore tiny, tiny shorts and at times

i could see his balls

i found my balance easy with my left leg up

knee to chest

thumb slowly to the top of the boobs 

pink face hot



yoga positions sound like a foreign language but they feel like home 

as soon as your breathing turns into rhythm

and in the mirror you see that your eyes are still on

glassy and focused

charged and lit up

lie down

palms up

internally de-paint myself

keep breathing

the class was over in ninety minutes and outside was cool and green and 

i rolled the volvo windows down all the way

guzzling water 

feeling new


  1. Sylvie, great article! Your style is refreshing. You may enjoy this story about my first time at bikram. www.halecollege.com/bikram-yoga-class/

  2. Thanks, Geoffrey! I enjoyed your story as well.

  3. was there ever a cigarette after this class?